Classroom-Drama implementation in France

Classroom-Drama implementation in France

News from the associated partners from the project Inclusion et Interculturation à l’école at Toulouse, France.

Inspired by the work of the Refugeewellcome school project, and on the basis of a close (and generous !) cooperation with the partners from H2020, a team of researchers from the University of Toulouse started to work on the project Inclusion et Interculturation à l’école.

This project includes the implementation and qualitative evaluation of the Classroom Drama approach and a local version of the Teachers Training, including a sensibilization for the possibilities to use creative expression methods in the work with newly arrived migrant youth. A first implementation of the Classroom Drama has been realized during the schoolyear 2018-2018 and a second implementation will be starting in January 2020.

The French project is carried out by a team of resarchers and students from the Department of Clinical Psychology at the University of Toulouse (Département Clinique du Sujet) and the research Laboratory Cliniques Psychopathologiques et Interculturelles (LCPI EA 4591, ). The team works in close cooperation with the partners of the CASNAV (Centre Académique pour la Scolarisation des élèves Nouvellement Arrivés et des enfants de familles itinérants et de Voyageurs )

In november, the French team was happy to welcome professor Caroline BEAUREGARD from the University of Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamenque (UQUAT), who shared her expertise on the Classroom Drama implementation and evaluation with the French partners. They also had the priviledge to discuss with the partners from the H2020 team in Leuwen who came to Toulouse in order to assist to professor BEAUREGARD’s conference and a workshop on Classroom Drama techniques.

For further information about the French project, please contact Gesine STURM [email protected]